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The Oater® Oat Drink Machine

The machine for fresh and sustainable oat drink with barista quality for professionals.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Oat drink in a carton was yesterday. The Oater® machine produces the oat drink of the future. We are rethinking oat drink - with full barista quality and freshness – no packaging waste, no added sugar and no tradeoffs.

Oat Drink Without Tradeoffs

Fresh + Local
Barista Quality
Cost Saving
Without Added Sugar

The OATeam

The OATeam

We are a team of dreamers and oat drink enthusiasts from Cologne, who firmly believe that there is still room for improvement in oat drink. It all started when our CEO Sarah, who has been vegan for 7 years, was bothered by all the packaging waste and the lack of freshness of her oat drink. There has to be a better way, she thought to herself. And now over 1 year later, we can say with conviction: Yes, it can be better! Our oat drink is fresher, more regional, cheaper, more delicious AND more sustainable than other solutions in the market today. We are Sarah, Henrik, Lisa and BenjaminJoin our oat drink revolution!


With The Oater®…

…you reduce C02 emissions.

Our ingredient packs weigh only 1/10 of a packaged oat drink. And less weight and organic oats from Germany means less transport emissions.

…you save 48 % packaging waste.

Our oat drink comes without any disposable packaging at all, saving up to 48 % packaging waste. We are developing a reusable packaging system for our ingredient mix.

…you stay climate-neutral

It’s important to us to produce as few emissions as possible in our entire value chain and we optimize continuously. The unavoidable emissions are compensated.


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